The Final Year

Since my junior year of high school is over let all of the questions about college, my career and adult life begin. Yes, we may only be two weeks into summer but I'm taking summer college classes so technically school is not over. Is it ever really over?

I'm somebody that always has a plan or a schedule because I like to stay organized and on top ofmy tasks. So of course I have a plan for college and my career AND adult life. It took a long time to decide what I really wanted to do mostly because I've had so many different interests over the years and I knew I didn't really want a "sit behind the desk" type of job. I've always wanted to travel and see the world, but I have to provide for myself (and my dog) at the same time.

Of my many interests I decided on photography. Photography and Digital Media. I love taking pictures and being in them so I figured what better job for me? I can travel anywhere and take pictures so the work opportunities are ENDLESS. That's something that has me very excited to be done with high school. And yes I know sometimes your plans aren't fool proof and sometimes you have to fail but I will take my failed attempts as lessons and learn from them to get it right.