Who Am I?

I used to have an about me page on my blog, and then I decided it was just weird. Not the telling people about me part but having a whole page just about myself. This probably sounds funny considering this blog is mine and I make the content and decide what I post and when. Having all the attention on me is not something I like so you could see how a whole page talking about me did not work. So to whoever reads this, here is where you can get to know me - in a short blog post that provides a few things I find interesting about myself.

I'm now a Senior in high school which is absolutely crazy. I swear it feels like yesterday I was nervous for my first day in a huge school and now I'm almost done with it. I also take college classes on top of my regular high school ones, but I've done so much that I will graduate from our community college the same month I graduate from high school. If that isn't amazing I don't know what is! Not to brag on myself but these classes are killer and so far I seem to be holding everything together pretty well, at least for now.

I've always been very quiet around people and I feel like it takes me forever to be comfortable around others. Which is one of the reasons why I took down my about me page. Being the center of attention isn't comfortable for and me if you notice my Instagram feed is not just pictures of myself. So I figured I could make a post that shared things about myself and then if people want to know they can find it and if not then it can stay here mixed up with my other posts.

I'm in the process of starting up my own photography business. I love taking pictures and I'm going to college for photography and digital media so I decided I can start my business now and do work locally until I'm more put together and then I can take off on my own. I've been practicing taking pictures with my cousin and friends + one of my other cousins is getting married in December and hired me to take her pictures. I have never been more excited for anything!

These were just a few things about myself and if you stick around long enough I am sure there will be more to add onto this list. Feel free to check out my other posts + my Instagram here.


Sidney Valdepena