Where I've Been + Where I Want to Go

I'm not somebody that travels all the time or really ever. I've been a few places but there is so many more places I want to see. Let's start with where I've been.

New Orleans - I think the longest part about the trip was making it out of Texas first. Once we got going it was so fun and the many talented people you see there is incredible! There's art and music on every corner, not to mention the building structure is absolutely beautiful. Of course we saw some characters but that's to be expected anywhere. Something I definitely remember was how HOT it was. Considering it was summer in the south and I'm from Texas you would think I'd be used to it. 

California - I went to LA for spring break with my school dance team one year. It was pretty fun and the weather was great. We went to the Millennium Dance Complex and got to take classes, did a few tours and went to Universal Studios. Not to mention I saw Mario Lopez AND met Jordan Fisher. Our last stop before we flew home was the Santa Monica Pier which was GORGEOUS. I need to go back and see more of California and I can't wait to do that.


01. Sydney, Australia.

02. Indonesia.

03. Paris.

04. London.

05. Hawaii.

06. Costa Rica.

07. New Mexico.

08. Seattle.

09. Oregon.

10. Arizona.

11. New York.

12. Utah.

13. Germany.

14. Canada.

15. Spain.

16. Italy.

17. Japan.

18. Iceland.

19. Norway.

20. Denmark.

I'm sure there are many more places I want to go, but those a few and hopefully one day I can check them off the list!!